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Yoga Alliance USA ( International ) – Certification

Yoga School in India – Himalayan Yoga Association

Himalayan Yoga Association
is a Yoga Alliance USA Registered yoga school in India that offers 100 Hour yoga teacher training, 200 Hour yoga teacher training, 300 Hour yoga teacher training, 500 Hour yoga teacher training, 28 Days Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training and 28 Days Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.

Himalayan Yoga Association is a non-profit making yoga organization registered under the Indian Government Act for Societies. We are accredited as a “Registered Yoga School” by the Yoga Alliance USA.  Our yoga teacher training programs comply with the Yoga Alliance’s standards, and our graduates can register with it as per their qualifications.

Daniel (200 hours yoga TTC graduate)

I came to India to experiences and witnessed the cultural ethos of this beautiful country. I already know about the benefits of yoga. So, I came to know Rishikesh as the yoga capital of India. I joined yoga classes in Rishikesh at Himalayan Yoga Association. It was an entirely new experience for me, learning yoga with the students from the different region.  The yoga gurus at Himalayan Yoga Association recognize and were able to show me the art of yoga form with a passion. The experience of my stay in Rishikesh re-invented my soul and me. I humbly thank the ashram for his teachings.


yoga alliance usa yoga school



Dear students

Himalayan Yoga Association has been operating for many years. Ever since its foundation, we always make sure that it offers everything that the present yoga community was demanding. We always believe in protecting the rich diversity of yoga. We make people aware of the yoga purpose which they don’t understand. Our ashram is providing yoga teacher training in India to spread the yoga at the higher scale. At the time when people are recognizing the potential benefits of yoga and look out for trusted yoga school on social media and internet, our ashram was able to withstand their trust. We ask our students to share their experience for the benefit of the yoga community irrespective of the yoga school they might have attended.

We are confident that our yoga ashram will meet its board objective of adding credibility and rigor of yoga while protecting its diversity. I have received feedback from many students where they expressed their feelings. We are looking for more registrations who want to study and practice yoga at our ashram from different walks of life and countries. We aim to transform the lives of the individuals with the practice of yoga.

We promise you to offer the best environment and experienced yoga gurus so that you get the ultimate benefits of yoga.


Himanshu Joshi

Founder, Himalayan Yoga Association (Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga School In India)[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]