Thomas G,
200 Hour Yoga TTC

Love the pre-recorded videos in the 200H online YTT. My favorite subject is Philosophy. The customer service by Himalayan Yoga Association is very prompt and helpful. Thank you Saumya 🙂

Lara Arez da Silva,
200 Hour Yoga TTC

I have just finished the online 300hYTT. I was so positively surprised by the quality of the course, the knowledge of the teachers and knowledge sharing capabilities. The HYA brings the traditional Yoga, respecting and honouring its philosophy and science, to meet the contemporary times we live in, something that is urgently needed. They have a very complete syllabus and are very accessible, the course is very comprehensive, but it also makes sure that one will learn and understand the concepts, and will be able to apply them. I was supposed to have been at the HYA premises in August 2020 for the presential course but due to the present circumstances was not capable of.

I was unsure about a online Yoga course, but right now I am very happy that I chose to do it with HYA. I can only recommend! I will find my way to HYA in Rishikesh as soon as possible. A big thanks to all the teachers and a special thank you to Saumya Ji for being so helpful and motivating.

Elena Buscarini, 200 Hour Yoga TTC

I’m really glad I signed up for the online 300 hour yoga teacher training course with Himalayan Yoga Association. I look forward to being able to take further courses in their school in Rishikesh once traveling will resume normally. I can say that thanks to this course and the teachers I’ve encountered, I got a deeper understanding of all the topics, especially philosophy, which was the main reason why I decided to take this course to begin with. Thank you all for the great work you do and all the support provided, a big thank you especially to Yogini SaumyaJi. Love and Light

Jan Yoga, 200 Hour Yoga TTC

From the beginning the communication with HYA was amazing for guidance of the YTT and how to continue with all the applications. I was planing to go to Rishikesh, but due to covid I couldn’t make. Finally I did the 200 hrs online course and learned so much, but most important, the true meaning of yoga. Thanks to the amazing and very kind teachers it was very helpful to keep on going and they answered me always all my doubts. I’m very thankful to HYA for this experience and hope one day I can go to Rishikesh, India.

Kelly Goddard, 200 Hour Yoga TTC

Overall I highly recommend this course with the Himalayan Yoga Association! The staff is wonderful, the content is in depth, and it really doesn’t get better than the price offered.

Most companies offering yoga teacher training courses these days are charging capitalistic prices so I greatly appreciate the Himalayan Yoga Association for making yoga accessible to a person like me! I took the course online (as it was during COVID) and will say that with the low cost, expect some of the videos to have a few glitches (audio isn’t clear in a few moments, a couple of videos were mixed up, some videos couldn’t be watched in full screen), but aside from this, the course went really smoothly, my love for and understanding of yoga has been enhanced, and I’m really happy with my choice to study through this school.

Nell Byron, 200 Hour Yoga TTC

This is such a thorough and interesting course. I did it online and everything was very in depth. I learned so many new things about yoga and how to implement a yogic lifestyle, helping me begin my path. The videos are really comprehensible and digestible and teachers are always on hand to help and guide you. I have loved my journey and hope to join the team for a retreat in India soon! Thank you so much everybody, Namaste and stay safe and happy 😊 💜🙏🏼

shikha maheshwari, 200 Hour Yoga TTC

An experience of lifetime! I did my 200 online and 300 offline. It was really a very good experience, I learnt so much here, It will definitely gonna help me in my yogic path.

Layla Levy, 200 Hour Yoga TTC

Namaste all, I just finished my 200h Online Yoga Teacher Training with Himalayan Yoga Association in Rishikesh and wow, what a learning journey! They teach from the heart, and the knowledge they give access to is rich, trustworthy (teachers are extremely well researched and have a lot of experience), original (as in line with traditional teachings), thought provoking, and beautiful. Their teachings are complete and they give us a taste on the different aspects of yoga (from asana, to pranayama, meditation, philosophy, mudras, band has .

The teachers are warm, full of light, available, and there to help and transmit all they know with an open heart. I had an awesome experience and I can only recommend them for anyone willing to go further in yoga. Thank you 🙏 Om Shanti


mary harrer
Marry Harer, 200 Hour Yoga TTC

I took the 200 hour online class and it was one of the best things I have done in my life. I highly recommend this class for everyone regardless of weather or not you are becoming a yoga teacher. The instructors are great and they will help you with everything over video chat just as if you were there in person. The feeling of community was and still is great!


Bharti Nayak, 500 Hour Yoga TTC

Hi, i m Bharti Nayak a yoga practitioner since 6 years now. The journey was amezing by Learn it self but it showed a new path when i came across and joined Himalayan yoga association, to pursue this experience in a proper way and had completed 200hrs of yoga online teacher training course. Amezing team, well experienced, patience for all answers for all queries. I m glad tha i joined Himalayan yoga association and found the proper way to do yoga and the proper meaning of it. Thank you so very much to all the team and best wishes!